London and trend lines

David Hubert visited London and forgot his video camera, so instead took more than 3,000 still photographs and knit them together into this montage. The effect is to recast our vision — people in the Tube, cars on the streets — a bit differently, as if time had both stopped and sped up concurrently. It all reminds us of business trend lines and how few stop to watch them.

You know: The things in retrospect we should have seen coming. The mortgage meltdown killing real estate investment. The rise of video games (up 36% in first half of 2008) threatening the film industry. DVRs (now in 28% of U.S. homes) putting the pause on ads that fund commercial television. Diminishing results in newsprint (heck, even the Wall Street Journal bragged about it).

So many marketers get hooked on what worked yesterday and measure this quarter’s results against a standing-still-in-time yardstick … unaware that bigger changes are afoot. What’s your plan for watching the tide?

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