Obama launches Change.gov, redirects fund-raising to hurricane victims

Damn. Barack Obama has the internet wired. Today he launched Change.gov, a microsite with complete information on how the president-elect is managing the transition to the White House. The site includes crisp overviews of five major initiatives, such as how to end the war in Iraq, a directory of future cabinet members, and several calls for feedback — as in please, Joe the Plumber, just tell us what you want.

And over at his main site BarackObama.com, Obama flipped on a splash page today to request donations for victims of Hurricane Gustav — which socked the Louisiana and Texas coast back on Aug. 25. Obama has created an online fund-raising engine that churned in millions of dollars and had to stop raising funds for himself on Nov. 4; rather than shut down the engine, he’s simply redirected the horsepower.

Industry advocacy groups, such as the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, have even begun emulating Obama’s online presence. Whatever your politics, Obama has shown the way to master internet marketing — don’t have a web site; instead, build an entire web presence.

2 thoughts on “Obama launches Change.gov, redirects fund-raising to hurricane victims

  1. Ben, this is sooooo Rockin’Cool!
    (ans soz’yer blog!:)
    We are wit’you: DAMN!
    Who’dat Can?
    We hung you top lede on today’s Ladder.
    Thanks for keeping the Lights On, Noble Mon.
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this. They moved quickly to underline the Bush fiasco. Now I hope he follows through by redirecting Iraq was $$ there too.

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