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Google turns its home page into a billboard for G1 phone

So now Google is promoting its own G1 phone (built in partnership with T-Mobile) on the home page. Is this fair? Or, more exactly, does Google face a conflict of interest in accepting advertising dollars from thousands of companies in the wireless industry, and then surpassing them all by putting itself one click above them?

We had to think for a minute before determining why this bothers us. Yeah, this type of self-aggression has been done before. Amazon keeps serving up the Kindle on its home page, too. But Google is more than a single web site or media channel — it has become an enormous marketing and communication sector. More than $16 billion is spent annually on Google ads by marketers vying to get top positions on search results pages.

In the short term, the G1 promotion is a great play for Google and T-Mobile. But we wonder if some in the ad industry and government will begin to question the potential monopoly power of a major media sector tooting its own horn.

Via Tac Anderson.