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The future of the web is Mozilla’s Aurora browser

Step aside, OS X and Vista. The makers of the Firefox web browser have released a concept called Aurora, a future web surfing tool that embeds social media functionality to allow you to debate and share data with friends.

Aurora is a beautiful concept. As you surf the web, you see an Apple OS X-type fluid interface, in which data are grouped into objects and float in three-dimensional spatial views. You can call friends for video chat, manipulate web objects inside the browser, and most important collaborate in sharing, updating, or building information sets. The concept video shows two farmers debating weather and crop conditions by tossing charts easily at each other over morning coffee.

This all points to three things:

1. The future that Charlene Li predicted, in which social media will become “like air” and a simple utility you can plug into, not a web site you visit, is coming.
2. The makers of software or computer operating systems such as Vista are doomed, as more powerful web browsers turn the entire internet into the free software you need to do anything.
3. Consumers will embrace this as they spend more time creating and sharing content, and less time passively receiving it. That doesn’t bode well for advertisers who rely on intercepting consumers as they watch things, as consumers find it easier to create and click away.

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