Microsoft’s Mojave campaign: See, we don’t stink!

Microsoft’s Vista operating system has a bad rap. Word is machines can’t handle it, even though it comes in five flavors. It’s slow. It crashes. It tries to cram 10 pounds of GUI into a 5 pound laptop. Installing Vista is like having dental surgery performed by your proctologist.

To counter these perceptions, Microsoft has launched a microsite that unveils a “new” operating system called Mojave to consumers, who are delighted and then surprised that it’s really Vista. A brave move, to take the heat head on. Also a great case study in how once brands go sour, it’s tough to bounce back.

Tx Matt Hunsberger.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Mojave campaign: See, we don’t stink!

  1. Good strategic move. Counterbalance the effects of the negative buzz by proving it’s just that – buzz, not fact.

    I think this will work.

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