The German Obama

We’re constantly interested in the nuances other nations/cultures bring to marketing communications; like those little logos that always pop up in the lower right of European magazine ads. Consumers in each culture are trained to look for clues — hey, bottom right, that’s the brand!

Which brings us to this Obama poster for his speech in Berlin. Politics aside, there is something about the angular design that is mesmerizing. The Bad Banana blog says it’s an ode to the Bauhaus design school in Germany from 1919 to 1933, which left an imprint on a lot of other posters that created strange vibes after World War II.

If you work in design (and we don’t), this poster is worth a second look. What is it with the graphics that evokes such energy?

1 thought on “The German Obama

  1. Ben – the link to Bauhuas is interesting. They established the school to create spaces and things that reflected the modern world they found themselves in; that post WWI things had changed so much the world was never the same again, nothing from the past could help people live in such a changed space. (I can’t imagine the shock and grief felt by that generation) But what I love so much about the group who set the Bauhaus up was their optimism and hope – that design and art could change the world for better and help people interact with a new way of being. Indeed, the early, optimsitic days of the Soviet Union also shared this idea and used designers and artists to try and shift people’s preceptions of the world. Stalin then came in and decalred them all to be against the state, and Hitler declared the Bauhaus to be deviants. Evoking Bauhaus means it’s all about hope and the future – Obama represents the future and a way of dealing with a world of change.
    the use of line suggests progress and movement (onwards and upwards!) and Obama’s face looks hopeful and is looking up. The perspctive is also that we, the viewers, are looking up to him. The font is a sans serif (no old fashioned swirls and enecessary flourishes!).
    Nice post

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