This month at Mediassociates

People sometimes ask, what do media planners do? We cut through the forest of advertising, build paths, and find customers. This month, we ran forecasts, drew charts and made thousands of calls to media outlets to plan ad campaigns for retail, food, software, health, education, credit unions, home utilities, even pet accessories. We researched the latest trends in radio, outdoor, Google, Facebook, print, newsprint, GRPs, Portable People Meters, and child marketing. We launched a marketing blog that got noticed in the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

We spoke with a young woman in California wanting to know which college courses to take, and whether she should get into advertising.

We said yes.

We love this business of making advertising work. Just ask Rocky, the newest addition to our team. He’s shown here reading PRWeek, where a public service campaign we helped design made Page 1.

Rocky’s a pit bull. Helps sometimes in negotiations.

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