PETA pulls a porn site bait-and-switch

Oh, the cleverness. PETA, the pro-animal-rights organization known for racy ads showing naked people who refuse to wear fur, teased the major media outlets this week with news it was launching a real porn site — — filled with nudie pics. Media outlets responded with drool, with everyone from CNET to the Huffington Post sharing the titillation that an animal rights group would go full monty to get traffic to tell its story. The site actually launched briefly, with content not deemed safe for young children or nursing animals.

And then PETA pulled the plug. Visit now and you’ll be instantly redirected to another website with a new message — “Now that we have your attention … now it’s time to see a few PETA commercials.” And actor Alec Baldwin narrates a video about chickens. Oh, PETA, you tease. Now we’re writing about you. It worked.

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