Apple predicts the death of the CD

Notice anything new about the logo above?

With all the chatter about new Apple iPods and Ping and pricing this week, you may have missed this nuance: Apple removed the CD image from its iTunes logo. The little desktop icon has featured a music note over a compact disc for a decade, but no more. The CD is now a blue circle. Apple takes every design element seriously so it’s a move to watch — after all, Steve Jobs telegraphed the shift to aluminum casings for most Apple products by preceding them with an updated Mac OS that used brushed-aluminum color around the OS windows (you know, so it all matched like neat socks). Based on this little new music icon, soon your MacBooks may not have slots for CDs.

If you miss the old iTunes logo, you can follow @itunes10icon and @iTunes9icon on Twitter. The new and old icons have come to life and are arguing with each other over which is better.

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