9 thoughts on “Apple Tablet Saves the World (a video tour)

  1. Nicely done Mr Kunz.

    It really will depend on finding the magic price point at which consumers are willing to add yet one more device to their repertoire.

    Second big “if” is whether readers will be the early adapters music lovers were. The iPod just made it easier to manage your pre-existing collection of mp3s and to buy them legally. Here, we’re asking people to make a greater change and to pay for something that’s already free legally.

    But given Apple’s track record, there’s no telling what magic they have up their sleeve, so let’s see how they position this and how much they want for it.

  2. Ben:
    Once again you are the man. Well done. Will have to elevate my own game again. Lots of smart thinking and logic. And I don’t even like video on blogs but I watched the whole thing. Love the VO, so I don’t have to look at your face. You made it about the viewer not all about you. Lessons for everyone in how to do this. Plus I learned stuff and yes I am buying one as soon as they’re out. Even though I just bought a Kindle.

  3. It will also be interesting to see which core apps drive usage of the tablet – e-books, e-mags, news, music, video, games or a glorious mix. My gut is one will be the driver – but which…

  4. Thanks. Especially to Edward for his comment: “Love the VO, so I don’t have to look at your face.” !

    My belief is we have a rare convergence of interests that will make this take off — advertisers hungry to get into mobile, publishers desperate to retain subscribers, and Apple hungry for the world.

    Scott, you raise good point that education market could be huge as well.

    Will be fun to watch this shake out.

  5. Brilliant. Instead of using a crowbar to open a new market, use one of the most respected brands in the world. What a competitive edge, quality.

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